Em Weeks is an artist, filmmaker, and yoga teacher from Washington. They grew up in a rural area, among the mossy trees and tall evergreens, the glacial mountains, near the Pacific ocean.

Em loved drawing from an early age, and this led eventually to studying Character Animation at the California Institute of the Arts. Later they would become a yoga teacher and study film directing at the London Film School. They have also studied Animation at the Royal College of Art in London.

They are interested by dance, movement, and expressivity through the form/body, which is part of their yoga practice as well as their artistic practice, the two informing one another. Reverence for the earth and all interconnected being (not just human), are integral. Being in awake conversation with all existence initiates creation. Having come from a family of scientists, Em is also informed by scientific thought. While they have a skeptical mind, they are also very open to transcendent experiences. They have been very influenced by Buddhism.

Em runs an online shop at etsy.com/shop/WayOfLifeStore

If interested in commissions, collaborations, hiring opportunities, online or in-person private yoga sessions, or for other queries, contact Emily.

Em is currently finishing their 500-Hour training with Dharma Mittra and will soon be certified.

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